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We support the whole life cycle of smartphones and other electronic devices .





Certified & trusted by numerous brands

Active in 12 countries since 2002

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

Argent 2023

Buy and Sell

We buy all kinds of stock, whether excess inventory, new obsolete, end-of-life or faulty
And redistribute and resell guaranteed quality products

Sell to bak2

Turn your overstock to cash
Asset & Capex management
Buyback & Trade In
Compliant recycling

Buy from bak2

Quality grade A & B stock
50 to 70% original price
Fully tested & Certified – 46 control points
3M to 2Y guarantee

Want to sell or buy ?

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We provide multi-lingual, tailored software solutions
to boost your POS or web activities, reduce your claim costs,
or track and trace the value created from your returns

White label Buyback,
Resell & Repair Solutions

Real-time pricing & trade in tools
On site Repair & Refurbish App
Device customization

Insurance Claims Cost Reduction Tool

Predictive & Future pricing
Swap management
Warranty extension

Waste Track
& Trace Tools

Compliant WEEE
Recycling Tool
Personal Data cleansing
End 2 End audit trail


Values and Corporate Responsability

" Our core values are our unique team, and our passion for our work and for serving our clients. "

Our business starts with our unique team. Our employees express themselves into their work and have passion for it. We are proud to have employees with us since our start in 2002. Teamwork is central to our success.

We bring great value to our clients. Some also have been with us for over ten years. We pride ourselves to bring them great services, value products, wide choice and outstanding customer experience.

We are also proud to have supported (and keep supporting!) various charities and also local community.

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